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Electrical: Graduate Engineer - Multiple Openings
Department: Electrical
City/State: Houston, Texas
Type: Full Time
Contact Name: Cammy Hensley
Contact Email: chensley@emaengineer.com

EMA Engineering & Consulting has multiple openings for a Graduate Engineer in Houston, Texas. 

Please send resumes to the below address:

Attn: Cammy Hensley

EMA Engineering & Consulting 

328 S. Broadway Avenue

Tyler, TX 75702

Graduate Engineer:

Utilize knowledge of AutoCAD and REVIT to perform design calculations, prepare material and equipment specifications, and provide preliminary sketches and notes for drawings.

Check drawings for completeness and accuracy. Assist in training less experienced team members to gain experience and knowledge of EMA’s design process.

Communicate and coordinate with project managers, department managers, team members, team leader, owners, architects, etc. on work performed; receive verbal and written feedback at various deliverables throughout the design life cycle.

Incorporate all feedback into his or her design and make necessary corrections.

Receive feedback on requirements, standards, team involvement, drawing quality, time management, organizational skills, etc.

Increase time management and organization skills by learning to review submittals, write addendums, as well as answering RFIs, ASIs, and emails.

Set up and edit specifications for jobs.

Prioritize and delegate through the design process for a project as needed.

Conduct field work as needed for design.

Serve as a primary or secondary role in electrical and lighting design on a production team.

Perform calculations on electrical design to quantify electrical loads, calculate panel and service sizes, coordinate with utilities, study and meet all requirements and codes such as owner, architectural, city, NEC, etc. in renovation and new construction projects.

Perform calculations in lighting design to measure lighting levels for each space, circuit lighting, coordinate with owner and architectural requirements and work to meet NEC and IESNA lighting and electrical requirements in renovation and new construction projects.

Meet with the department manager regularly to discuss design elements, calculations, issues, questions, etc. regarding engineering and design elements.

Educational Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or a related field or foreign equivalent.

Must have passed Fundamentals of Engineering test.

Required Related Occupation Experience: Six (6) months of related experience. Any suitable combination of education, experience and training will be accepted.

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